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There we go. I’ve continued the sassy coming out ace card to extend to more orientations. These are intended as a joke, but they might actually come in handy if you’re being questioned about your orientation and you need a sassy retort. 

[Note: I’ve also edited the asexual one for optimum readability. If you are visually impaired, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the legibility and readability of these comps. I wanna make sure everyone can enjoy my designs, not only those with good vision. So your feedback is a big help!]

These would come in handy.

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Who am I? Emma Petersen. Romantica & Erotic Romance Author. Descendant of Slaves & First Nations. Afro-Hispanic. Catholic. Zombiphobe.(Mostly former) Spanish speaker. Pansexual. Masochist. Jaded. Hopeful. Dreamer. Teacher. Student. Protector. Adventurer.