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#RWA12 Local Area Info, Pass it on.

Here’s a little info for those of you coming in to Anaheim for RWA. LAX, LBG & SNA have the Disney Shuttle that will take you directly to the hotel. I think it’s like $20 per person, which you really can’t beat.

There’s a Target on Harbor & Chapman, right down the street from the hotel if you head south.

There’s a Food-4-Less (Aka Liquor for less) off of Katella and Brookhurst, not too far from the hotel. 

The nearest mall is probably The Block @ Orange, which isn’t really a mall. More of an outdoor venue w/ a Off Saks, several restaurants and a theatre. The next closest is Maine Place which is…

The Garden Walk or whatever that is off of Katella has a Lush. And Downtown Disney has a Sephora.

There’s a Mortons & Ruth Chris within walking distance of the hotel. 

The nearest beach is Newport, right off the 55 or straight down the street the hotel ends, maybe about 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.. Newport’s packed at night and can be a little skuzzy. One of the best beaches in the area is Crystal Cove, it’s not crowded because in order to access it you have to walk the Hill O’Death. Which, is like seriously steep. There’s also Dana (Point) & Laguna, which is one of the safer night beaches. If you do go to Laguna, Las Brisas, the restaurant above Heisler park is yummy. Huntington Beach used to have issues with skinheads, but I think most of them have moved to the Costa Mesa area.

The best Mexican food can be found further north into Anaheim. Taqueria Guadalajara on Anaheim Blvd. is open 24/7 and has really good food. Just a heads up, some people would consider the neighborhood to be a little sketchy. *shrugs*

The best mall is the area (yes, I’m biased) is South Coast. It’s off the 405, about 25 minutes (depending on traffic) from the hotel. There’s a Maggiano’s in front and Scott’s across the street. There’s also Fashion Island, which is further south off PCH but doesn’t have anything that South Coast doesn’t. There’s also the Orange County Performing Arts Center, now renamed something else across the street. Opera, Ballet, Musicals.

There’s a Pinks in Buena Park, I think, in the mall near Knott’s Berry Farm, which is another amusement park.

Hope this helps. Please feel to contact me on Twitter or by email if you have any questions. 

See you in Anaheim!

Who am I? Emma Petersen. Romantica & Erotic Romance Author. Descendant of Slaves & First Nations. Afro-Hispanic. Catholic. Zombiphobe.(Mostly former) Spanish speaker. Pansexual. Masochist. Jaded. Hopeful. Dreamer. Teacher. Student. Protector. Adventurer.